Address: Jegersbergveien 6, 4630 Kristiansand, Norway

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Church exterior

Oddernes kirke (Oddernes Kirke) is located in the district of Lund in Kristiansand municipality, Vest-Agder, and is the city's oldest building. The east side of the church has rubble walls. The choir's semi-circular apsidal termination is testimony to the medieval church's origin.

The first church on the site may have been raised by Øyvind, godson of St. Olaf . This suggests that the central part of the church dates from middle of the 11th century.

In the 1630s the church was extended by 8
  • Ornaments from the church's first organ (photo: Ian Richards)
  • Facade (photo: Ian Richards)
  • Console (photo: Ian Richards)
  • Pipes from the church's first organ (photo: Ian Richards)
meters after Christian IV had given a gift of 100 thalers for the purpose for his visit in 1635.
It was used more than 200 thalers for significant repair work in the years 1642-1644. In 1699 the church got the clock tower. There are three bells in the tower and the oldest is from the 1200s.

The present organ is the fourth to have been situated in the church. The first was by an amateur builder and was installed during the 1830s. This instrument is currently in storage in the attic of the church, and it is hoped that it can be restored.

Olsen og Jørgensen built the church's second organ, which replaced the earlier instrument in 1893. Starup (Copenhagen) and Jørgensen (Oslo) built a new instrument that replaced the Olsen organ in 1950 and after it was succeeded by the current instrument in 1993, Henrik Brink Hansen's new organ for Oddernes gravkapell used a large percentage of its pipework.

Current organEdit

Builder: Verschueren Orgelbouw - 1993

Division Stop Name Length (ft)

I - Hoofdwerk

Bordun 16
Praestant 8
Roerfluit 8
Octaav 4
Fluit 4
Octaav 2
Cornet (B/D) III
Mixtuur V
Trompet 8
II - Positief Spitsfluit 8
Gedekt 8
Fluit 4
Nazard 3
Fluit 2
Terts 1 3/5
Quint 1 1/2
Dulciaan 8
Pedaal Subbas 16
Fluit 8
Gedekt 8
Bazuin 16
Trompet 8


II-I, I-Ped, II-Ped

Other notesEdit


Temperament: 1/8 comma

Pedaal drawstops are placed to the left of the manuals; couplers are on the right-hand side. The Positief stops are overhead, and the Hoofdwerk registers comprise the row beneath.

Lowest register to the right serves as on/off switch

Consultant and architect: Johan Varen Ugland

Voicer: Willem Jansen