Address: Jegersbergveien 6, 4630 Kristiansand, Norway

Oddernes kapell (Oddernes chapel), is a burial chapel
Oddernes kapell 3 2

Interior (photo: Torvald Slettebø)

built in 1982. At this time it consisted of only the 'Lille kapell' ('Little chapel') which has a capacity of 35 seats. A larger chapel was added in 1995 which has a capacity of 200.

Current organEdit

Builder: Henrik Brink Hansen - 2003 (inaugurated 25th January 2004)

Division Stop Name Length (ft)
I Bordun* 16
Principal* 8
Rørfløyte* 8
Octav* 4
Koppelfløyte* 4
Octav 2
Mixtur* (III)
Tremolo I
II Gedakt 8
Salicional 8
V. Celeste* 8
Principal 4
Nathorn* 2
Sesquialter* (II)
Obo* 8
Tremolo II
Pedal Subbas* 16
Gedaktbass* (trans.) 8


II-I, I-Ped, II-Ped, II4-Ped

Other notesEdit

The organ contains many of the registers from the old Starup/Jørgensen organ from Oddernes church, where it was from 1950 until 1993. These registers are indicated by asterisks (*).

Consultant: Martin Pearson

Architect: Johan Varen Ugland

Voicer: Henrik Brink Hansen