Address: Nordreisa kirke, 9151 Storslett, Nordreisa, Troms, Norwa

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  • Church interior (photo: Peter Vang)
Nordreisa kirke
(Nordreisa church) is a church with 350 seats from 1856 in Nordreisa, Troms.

The timber used in its construction was taken from the Reisa Valley, an area called "Church Stilla" - located about 40 km from Storslett. It was floated down the River Reisa to the site.

The church's inauguration took place on 8 October 1856, and was conducted by Bishop Knud Gislesen.

The church installed a harmonium in the choir in 1908. In 1968, the church received its first pipe organ - an organ built by the Vestre orgelfabrikk. In 2005 a new pipe organ of 19 stops was built by Robert Gustavsson.

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Current organEdit

Builder: Robert Gustavsson (SE) - 2005

Division Stop Name Length (ft)
I - Hovedverk Borduna* 16'
Principal 8'
Flute Harmonique 8'
Octava 4'
Nasat 3'
Octava 2'
Ters 1 3/5'
Mixtur II
Trumpet 8'
II - Svellverk Gedackt 8'
Gamba 8'
Voix Celeste 8'
Fugara 4'
Tvärflöjt 4'
Waldflöjt 2'
Klarinett 8'
Pedal Subbas 16'
Gedacktbas 8'
Fagott 16'
  • from c



II16' - I