Dear contributors!

Many thanks for helping add to Det Norske Orgelregisteret, which aims to be the first port of call when looking for Norwegian organ specifications and other related information.

In order to contribute, you need to be a member of 'wikia', which is free and very simple to join. Simply follow this link:

When back on Det Norske Orgelregisteret, you will hopefully see a button towards the top right-hand corner of the screen - 'Contribute', and it is here that you can choose to 'Add a Page'.

Creating a page (for an organ listing)

1) Name the page after the building it is in. For instance: St Edmund's church (St Edmunds kirke)

2) Select 'Standard layout', followed by 'Add a Page'.

3) You now have the option to write about the organ and the building that it is in. It is useful to put the address for the building (e.g. Møllergata 30, 0179 Oslo, Norway) somewhere in the text so that it can be searched for by address.

4) Add it to the county/fylke page by selecting 'Categories' on the right-hand toolbar, and then typing in the county (e.g. Oslo)

You can either write a list of the stops 'line by line', or in a table (neater).

Creating a table

1) Select 'Table' from the toolbar to the right

2) Select 2 Rows (or the number of stops the organ has), 3 Columns

3) As in the table below, the division is on the column to the left, the stop name in the centre, and its pitch/length to the right

4) As you will need to add more rows to add more stop names, simply 'right click' on the table, and select Row -> Insert Row (before/after)

5) If you need to, you can also alter the table's properties by 'right clicking'. If the table begins to be contorted, it might be useful to increase the table's width in 'Table Properties'


If the table layout is skewed, try removing the caption.

Division Stop Name Length (ft)
I - Great Open Diapason 8

It is possible to add a photo of the building or organ (several, if you wish), by clicking on 'Add a photo', which gives the option of uploading a photo from your computer, or from flickr.

For an example of what is possible, it might be interesting to have a look at this completed article:

St Edmund's church (St Edmunds kirke)


Thank you so much for helping the cause, and I wish you happy sharing!

Vennlig hilsen,

Edward Dean