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The Cathedral of Saint Olav (Norwegian: Sankt Olav domkirke) is the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oslo and the parish church of St. Olav's parish in Oslo, Norway.

The church was opened on 24 August 1856. As there was no Roman Catholic bishop in the country, however, it could not be consecrated until 1896 (8 August).

When the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oslo was established in 1953, St. Olav's was chosen as the episcopal seat and was elevated to the rank of cathedral. It is the second Catholic cathedral in Oslo.

'The first organ, built by the organ builder Brantzæg, was in place for the church's inauguration in 1856. It was described as having "smukke bløde toner" (Christiania-Posten, 26 August 1856). It was in use for approximately 40 years, until the firm Olsen & Jørgensen delivered an organ with 13 stops in 1899.

As a curiosity may be mentioned that in 1899, the organ (with the exception of the facade) is still in use in Nordfold Church in Nordland. The facade is partially retained in private ownership in Oslo.'

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Organ 1899-1970Edit

Builder: Olsen & Jørgensen - 1899

Division Stop Name Length (ft)
I Principal 8'
Gamba 8'
Fløyte Dobbio 8'
Oktav 4'
Fløyte 4'
Trompet 8'
II Aeoline 8'
Gedacht [sic] 8'
Fugara 4'
Cor Anglais 8'
Pedal Subbass 16'
Oktavbass 8'
Cello 8'

Current organ (1970-)Edit

Builder: J. H. Jørgensen (1970); rest. Henrik Brinck Hansen - 2002

Division Stop Name Length (ft)
I - Hovedverk Principal 8'
Rørfløyte 8'
Oktav 4'
Spissfløyte 4'
Oktav 2'
Mixtur III
Trompet* 8'
II - [Svellverk] (Enclosed) Spissgamba 8'
Vox celeste 8'
Gedakt 8'
Principal 4'
Rørfløyte 4'
Blokkfløyte 2'
Sedecima 1'
Sesquialtera II
Obo 8'
Pedal Subbass 16'
Gedaktbass 8'
Koralbass 4'
Fagott 16'
  • [en chamade]

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